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women-runningHere we celebrate women's running. How it makes our bodies strong, clears our minds, gives us confidence and makes us feel good. Most of the time.

Some days, it's hard to get started or keep going again. Knowing that someone is counting on you to show up helps. After a reluctant start, we're soon laughing, talking and supporting each other on our run.

Women's Stories

That's why women run together.

WomenRunningTogether is the place for you to get running tips and support. It's where the beginner runner, the social jogger and the experienced competitor can share the joy, and occasional frustration of running.

Dr. Cathy Utzschneider

With our busy schedules, it's sometimes hard to get together for a workout but here's a place you can always come to, to ask questions, offer your own personal experiences, and feel supported.

Coach Cathy's Blog

Joanna-HarperIf you enjoy jogging the roads and trails, are preparing for your first or next marathon, a fast or fun 5k or like racing on the road, cross country or track check in here.

Joanna's Blog

Of course, that can only happen when we're all in this together, so let us know what you'd like to see at WomenRunningTogether.

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What's New at WomenRunningTogether
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WomenRunningTogether Blogs
News, thoughts, ramblings on running and life.
Women Runners
Here we celebrate women runners and share their stories. Women of all ages and at all stages. From sprinting sisters to distance divas.
Your Running Story
Everyone's got a running story. Here is where you can tell us your running story or about a woman runner you know.
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Running Tips
Here is a list of running tips to keep you on track with your running. We all need reminders every now and then. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced campaigner, use these pointers to run well an
Running Gear
A fun part of our sport is our running gear. The cute clothes, clever gadgets, cool shoes… It’s about looking good and feeling good. Training smarter and recovering quicker.
How to Choose Running Shoes
With so many running shoes on the market selecting the right shoes can be confusing. Inside knowledge about your feet and tips for buying helps you make a smart decision.
Running for Beginners
Getting started is the hardest part. But if we use these running for beginners tips to learn the basics we will get in shape easier, stay healthy, have more energy, and look and feel better longer.
Running Training
Get advice on running training. Create a program that keeps you interested, motivated, and improving. Mix up your workouts with running drills, fartlek, tempo running and hills.
5K Training
The 5K is a great distance to race. Short enough for beginners and a real test of speed for experienced racers. Here's some 5K training programs to suit your fitness level and goals.
10K Training
Runners line up nearly every weekend to tackle the 10K. On the start line you'll rub shoulders with top runners and the woman down the street. Here's some running programs to suit your fitness level.
Half Marathon
The Half Marathon is no longer the ugly stepsister to the more glamorous marathon. It's a serious event appealing to all kinds of runners. Here are running programs for your fitness level and goals.
Marathon Training
So you're thinking about marathon training, you're not alone. There's a fascination with this distance. Use these running programs to suit your fitness level and goals.
Cross Country Running
DESCRIPTION:Cross country running challenges and thrills. Your lungs are bursting, your legs are heavy, you’re covered in mud or dirt, shoes wet, hair wild but what a ride!
There's nothing quite like the thrill of racing. Standing on the start line with butterflies in your stomach, waiting to test out your training. It's an opportunity to get outside your comfort zone.
Runners Diet
Choosing the ideal runners diet to fuel your muscles and keep you running isn't always easy. Here you'll find information to make healthy choices quickly and simply.
With so much nutrition advice out there, it's easy to get confused. Let us guide you through the issues. Stay informed, make some changes, live well and be healthy.
Yoga for Runners
Sprinter Maryline Roux blends her yoga with her running. She believes that yoga for runners can increase flexibility, range of motion, focus and concentration.
Running Injuries, Prevention and Management
Running injuries can slow you down or worse stop you getting out there. It's normal to have aches and pains as a runner. It's how you manage them that can make all the difference.
Some days it can be hard to find the motivation to run. Here you'll find tips and words of inspiration to keep you running.
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